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Shadow Fringes in Murky Water

Shadows in murky shallow water often show colour fringes. The colours are due to scattering. Towards the observer, the particles appear luminous on a dark ground and reflect bluish light. The red fringe farther outwards is caused by reflected light which had to travel a longer distance and is deprived from its blue components very much like the horizon at sunset. The shadow of the photographer has red fringes because of perspective effects and the overlapping of the colour zones. Canon Powershot G2 digital camera. Processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Colour fringes around shadows in the murky water of an Eifel crater lake. In the foreground, the shadows appear blue, but the photographer’s shadow is farther away so that the reflected light from the particles in the water have to travel a longer distance and are deprived from its blue components. Canon Powershot G2 digital camera, processed with Adobe Photoshop.

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