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Supralateral Arc on August 13th, 2007

Sometimes things are not what they seem! The coloured patch on the right hand side is not a parhelion, but a fragment of a supralateral arc. There is an upper tangent arc in the middle and another supralateral arc fragment on the left hand side. Barely a faint trace of a 22° halo is visible and the circumzenithal arc on top seems to be shifted to the left - in reality it is a fragment of a very large low sun arc.
For a moment, the supralateral fragments were even the only trace of halos in the sky, just like a right and a left parhelion a few minutes before their apparition. There was also a faint upper sun pillar.
Nikon D80, Sigma lens 10 - 20 mm, processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.


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