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Corona on April 24th, 2009

After the faint aureoles of April 20th and 21st at Trier, the coronae on April 24th revealed distinct coloured rings. The diameter of the first red ring corresponded to that of April 20th - it had been smaller on April 21st. The aureole was about three times the diameter of the solar disc (= apporximately 1.5 °), pointing to relatively large particles. A greater number of rings would have pointed to  evenly sized particles - which was not the case. Copmare the corona size to that of the huge lunar corona on February 7th, 2004

The images were taken in the early afternoon. There were no coronae in the evening.

The coronae may again have been pollen coronae, probably birch pollen, but the shape was circular, so that a droplet or ice particle corona cannot be excluded.

Canon Powershot G6, processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.


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