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Comet Lulin on February 28th, 2009

On February 28th, 2009, Comet Lulin could be observed shortly after his smallest distance to Earth. While the first short exposure not only nicely corresponds to the view at the eyepiece of a fast 10-inch Newtonian but also shows at least four galaxies in the background, the ten-minutes-exposure shows star trails. Comet Lulin is extremely fast so that the background changes constantly.

The apparent magnitudes of the galaxies are: NGC 3020 (close to the comet's head) 12.8 mag, NGC 3024 13.4 mag, NGC 3019 14.8 mag, NGC 3016 13.5 mag.

ATIK 314 L CCD camera at the prime focus of a TeleVue Genesis SDF refractor 100/540, guided with SBIG ST-4 star tracker,  http://www.astro-bilder.de/Seiten/Kometen/komet-seiten/komet-25.html shows a colour image of the same evening.

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