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Reflection Rainbows in Historical Representations

Rainbows do not depend on the sun as a light source. Artificial light sources, if bright enough, also produce rainbows. Even the reflections of sunlight on water or other smooth surfaces can project a rainbow into the sky which then might cross the normal rainbow.

Historical illustrations showing reflection rainbows are quite common. One example is in Descartes' Discours de la Méthode (shown below). In this drawing only the lower part of the rainbow is visible. See the image gallery below for more historical drawings.

Reflection rainbow in René Descartes: Opera philosophica omnia : in tres tomos distributa. Francofurti: Friederici Knochii, pp. 1692. Stadtbibliothek Trier, Signatur Ao 538 8°. © Stadtbibliothek Trier, Eva Seidenfaden

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