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Aurorae on November 20th, 2003

Only three weeks after the great geomagnetic storm of October 30th, 2003, the large sunspots had reappeared from behind the Sun and caused another great aurora display reaching down very far south (Southern Spain, North Africa). It was photographed in Mexico as well as in Greece!
Weather conditions at Trier were rather bad. It had been cloudy the whole afternoon. From 22:30 stars could be seen through some cloud holes and only minutes later the zenith was glowing in a vivid red. The aurorae soon got fainter again and after 23:00 the fog rose steadily. The aurorae visible at Trier were not as well-structured as they were reported elsewhere, but very homogenous. Some beams reached from the northwest to the zenith and down again to the southeastern horizon. The whole sky was glowing in a dark red.

Purple sky with the Big Dipper above the fog. Fuji Finepix S2 Pro digital SLR, 28 mm at f/4.5, 20 seconds at 400 ISO. Processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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