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Pyramidal Halos on March 10th, 2003

On March 10th, 2003 around noon pyramidal halos could be seen at Trier for a short time. A few minutes later the display vanished, but spectacular iridescence could be seen in the same clouds. The image shows not only circular halos with an unusual radius, but also traces of pyramidal parhelia, visible as brightenings at the sides of the circular halos. Canon Powershot G2, processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Simulation of a pyramidal halo display at a solar elevation of 36° with HaloSim 3.0 by © Les Cowley and Mike Schroeder. The simulation uses 90 % random oriented pyramidal crystals and 5 % pyramidal plate crystals, 5 deg. disp. The innermost halo is the 9° halo, hidden in the glare of the sun on the photo above. Some gallery images below clearly show it.

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