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Hints and Tips


Paraselene can be browsed in several ways.   

The MENU lists all pages using various categories. Click the MENU-Symbol in order to quit and return to the previous page.

Topics are mainly grouped according to what created the phenomena, Ice Crystals for halos, Drops and Droplets for rainbows, coronae, glories and so on. Other categories are based on where the effect occurs. When there is overlap, items are under more than one menu item.

SEARCH - top menu - finds pages on particular topics. Enter one or two keywords like „rainbow“ or „pollen corona“. Click your browser backspace button to return to the search results. Avoid phrases or too many keywords.

A-Z - top menu - gives alphabetical links to page titles.

WHAT'S NEW - top menu - shows new pages or recent page edits.


Paraselene makes pages for your session from a database. The URL shown in your browser is only temporary. Copy and paste a permanent link from that at the bottom of each page near the mouse icon.

MEMO PAD lets you store links to visited pages – but for the current session only.


There are typically one or two main images with an explanation and then thumbnails to a related gallery. Some larger galleries need time to load. Links to more about the topic or other related pages are at the page bottom.


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