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Purple Sunset on February 18th, 2008

After a period of sunny, dry and cold weather the evening sky above Trier took on unsusual colours, developing from a yellow hue to a bright orange, scarlet and even violet. The next sunset did not show these colours, but the next sunset was almost as brilliant, with high-reaching shades of pink. The haze layer over the Mosel valley had a relatively sharp boundary so that it seemed that aerosols may were responsible for the unusual sunset. On the other hand spectacular sunsets have been observed in many European countries starting on February 18th. The unusually colourful sunset have been explained with either volcanic ashes from an eruption in South Amerika or polar stratoypheric clouds. The latter require very low temperatures in the stratosphere which actually have been measured at that time. Nikon D80, processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

A violet hue at the end of dusk. Nikon D80, processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.


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