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Infralateral Arcs

Like supralateral arcs, infralateral arcs touch the sides of the 46° halo and change their shape with sun elevation. With a high sun, the two arcs merge. Infralateral arcs are as colourful as supralateral arcs but rare in higher latitudes because of their proximity to the horizon. They often occur together with the circumscribed halo or tangent arcs. Unlike supralateral arcs, the infralateral arcs can form at solar elevations above 32°.

Right hand side: Infralateral arc curving away upwards from the circumhorizontal arc. The bright arc above it is the circumscribed halo.

Simulation of infralateral arcs at a sun elevation of 40°. Simulation with HaloSim 3.6 by © Les Cowley and Mike Schroeder shown with permission.

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