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Certain shrubs and trees can produce an effect that is halfway between the opposition effect and the heiligenschein, the sylvanshine. The branches come up for the shadow-hiding effect, but the thin wax layers of the leaves may also contain microscopic droplets responsible for a heiligenschein.The images below show a strong brightening in Cupressus.

The younger branches have a whitish layer of wax containing terpenes which produce a strong smell when you rub them. Older branches do not show the sylvanshine not nearly as well as younger ones. Canon Powershot G2,  Processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

For further information see Alistar Fraser, who created the term 'sylvanshine". (Alistar Fraser,  The sylvanshine: retroreflection from dew-covered trees. In: Applied Optics, 33, 4552).

Close-up of the branches of a cupressus. Canon Powershot G2, processed with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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